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BloudMine smart cloud mining

About Us

BloudMine has been in the business of selling hash power since 2019 to large businesses. But, in 2022, we decided to extend our offerings to users.

Our state of the art newly improved mining rigs has enabled us to provide uninterrupted hash power to our users. We didn't start like this initially, that is why we are constantly evolving with the latest technology to continue serving our users spread all over the globe.

Our main goal is to make crypto mining accessible to everyone. Nowadays cloud mining is becoming more and more popular and here at BloudMine, we are doing our best to deliver the best, quickest and fastest service possible in the market.

Smart cloud mining advantages

Easy Setup

No need to hear the engine crank, with a few clicks your rig is up and running

Peace And Quiet

No engine, no noise, just your computer mouse clicks.

Secured Return

Profit can be predicted and return is guaranteed

Affiliate Program

Earn more money when you refer other people. You enjoy cloud mining? Tell a friend.